In-House Compliance Review (Audit)  and Understanding GM Warranty Seminar  
 3 Days

  •  Service Consultant Repair Order Write-Up
  •  Labour Operation Application 
  •  Technician Cause and Correction Write-Up and Time Punching
  •  Repeat/Overlapping Repair 
  •  Straight time and Added Operation Compliance
  •  Authorization Code Usage and Empowerment
  •  Defective Parts Retention Review 
  •  Defective  Parts Check
  •  Audit Readiness and Record Keeping Review
  •  Full written review (Positive and Negative) with potential debit amounts 


Understanding GM Warranty Seminar 

All Fixed Operations staff including technicians will benefit from this seminar which highlights the Key Service Policies and Procedures and what each individual can do to keep the dealership in compliance and maximize every warranty dollar the dealership is entitled to.   An “Understanding GM Warranty “  booklet will be issued to all participants. The timing of Seminar(s) is flexible to accommodate split shifts.

 Cost: $2995.00 plua GST/HST   

Follow-up and Support

Follow-up visits can be arranged to ensure that the recommendations from the compliance review are being implemented effectively. Claim processing assistance will be provided via email on a no-charge basis

Travel Costs:
Out of pocket travel expenses will be billed at actual cost with copies of receipts provided. Every reasonable effort will be made to minimize expenses.

Please contact Hugh Burdon at  705-352-0533 or email me at 

Due in full upon completion of activity and receipt of invoice


3 Day In-House Warranty Training

Day 1 - AM and PM  - Global Warranty Management 
  • Review of claims input requirements, empowerments, transaction types,authorizations and selected GWM Reports 
  • Review and correction of rejecting transactions

Day 2 - AM and PM  - Policies and Procedures  - Shop Supervision 
  • Shop supervision requirements 
  • Review of "Key Service Policies and Procedures" 
  • Straight time and added repair requirements, parts return documentation and retention 
  • Service Agent Analysis Report review 

Evening  Day 1 or 2   - Technician Warranty Seminar  -  2 hours
  • Warranty Coverage
  • Cause and Correction - best practices
  • Labor Time Guide
  • Straight time and add-on documentation

Day 3 -  Service Advisor Warranty Procedures
AM Group 1 -  PM Group 2 
  • Vehicle warranty coverages
  • Replacement parts warranty coverage
  • Customer complaint analysis - best practices
  • Key Service Policies and Procedures
  • Reimbursements

 Cost:    $2995.00  plus GST/HST

Note: You may partner with 1 other Dealer to share expenses