Evening Online Technician and Service Consultant Warranty Training

An online program that can be booked at any time!

Sign up today for an evening warranty session, designed to enlighten your Technicians and Service Consultants regarding GM's Policies and Procedures. 

This program has always been very well received in my classroom and in-house training programs.

Topics include:

۰ Time clocking
۰ Straight Time
۰ Diagnosis Time
۰ Added Repairs
۰ GM Labor Time Guide - How are times developed?
۰ Cause and Correction documentation -  The usual suspects plus new issues for Global  Warranty
۰ New Defective Parts – what to do?
۰ GM Comeback Checking
۰ Review of the Key Service Policies and Procedures

The program will be approximately 2  hours in duration and can be scheduled to meet 
your needs.  You will receive an "Understanding GM Warranty" guide file for printing.  

You will need: A computer, a screen large enough for all to see, (Big screen LCD or 
Digital Projector) and a USB microphone (Future Shop/Best Buy/Staples) or a speaker phone in the room. 

Long distance charges will apply to the Speakerphone option.

One fee covers all your Technicians and  Advisors (and anyone else who sneaks in!)

Please contact Hugh Burdon to set up your meeting


"Thank you for the great presentation. It was refreshing to see the new young techs taking notes feverishly as well as the seasoned veterans learning new things...I will let other dealers know how beneficial and informative it was. Thanks again!"

General Service Manager
Petersen GM
Cost: $500.00  plus GST/HST