"Thank you for the Parts Warranty Course.  Was very informative!  Looking forward to the next course!"

Myers Orleans Chevrolet Buick GMC

"Thanks for the all the great information yesterday! Is going to be very helpful in the future!"
Steve Schmitt Auto

"Great class and loved the light humor of your presentation. I am sure we will attend other web classes. 
Do you have an email newsletter or something I'm that area that will keep us updated on your offerings?"

Cooper Buick

 "Just finished your training program.  I feel like you have answered a lot of my questions.  I have been submitting claims in the GWM system.  It sure helped that I have been in the system, to follow your class.  Thanks again."

Devoe Chevrolet
"Great Job and thanks, I learned a lot.  Will keep in touch."

Shurburne Chevrolet

"Just a heads up. I attended this training today, along with our warranty clerk. I have also attended the ADP training as well as the regular GM training. This was by far the best available." 

gerry957  Posted in GM Service Forum  12.11.2009
"Thanks for the class on Body Shop Warranty. I also took your Global Warranty Webinar, and both were very good. I'm known as the person that takes warranty too far, which is right by Policies and Procedures. That may explain why I like to see the most clear explanation on any topic. Thanks for tolerating my questions and allowing me to ask. I learned a lot of valuable stuff today, which changes my way of doing things. I'll put this stuff to work immediately. Please send me any information about future seminars!"

July 20, 2010 Autobizniz

"Just wanted to say I enjoyed myself...and hope to have some more training from you soon. Thanks"
Hannay's  Chevrolet 
"Thanks for the Warranty training Hugh!"

Coast Mountain Chev

"As always, thank you for the updates, they are greatly appreciated."

Mccredy Chevrolet
"Thanks Hugh, you gave me a few tips that I didn't get through the training on Global Connect"

Burt Chevrolet
"I want to thank you for the courses you have given us. It was a good refresher with helpful new pointers...For me, since I'm new in the management area, I really learned a lot."

Expert Garage
"That was an exceptional class. I am glad I signed up and took it, as it answered all my questions to the proper way to apply for all the different types of GM body claims. Thank You!"

West Side GM
"Great course yesterday.  I always enjoy sitting through your sessions.  It was somewhat of a refresher, but we picked up a lot of valuable information as always"

Seaway Chevrolet
"Hugh, I'm not even the warranty guy. But I still care that they get the best training possible for warranty!"

District Manager of Customer Care and Aftersales, GM Canada
"Thank you for your time today. I got a lot out of the course".

Alaska Sales and Service
"Thanks, Hugh. It was an excellent course. I learned a lot."

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