Welcome to Hugh Burdon Automotive!

Hugh Burdon Automotive Training has been providing warranty related training programs exclusively to General Motors Dealers in  the United States, Canada, Asia, Europe and Africa.  

Over 1200 North American GM Service Agents have attended my Global Warranty Management programs, at both the Introductory and Advanced levels.

Hugh Burdon has also facilitated warranty training (GWM and WINS) for the following GM Operations:

General Motors IPC Detroit  Michigan
General Motors of Canada
General Motors Egypt
General Motors North African Operations 
GM Japan
GM China
General Motors Middle East
Cadillac Corvette Hummer Europe
International Fleet Sales 
U.S.  Shipping Ports


GM Automotive Sales
General Motors District Service Manager
GM Training Center Instructor
GM IDL Warranty On-air Facilitator and Course Developer for 11 Years
General Motors Detroit - NAIPC Warranty Instructor and Warranty Claims Analyst